for High School Dipsea Community Members


The Dipsea Race Foundation offers scholarships annually to outstanding young men and women who have participated in the Dipsea Race, are residents of California, and are graduating high school seniors.  The Dipsea Race Foundation awards Dipsea Race participants – as runners or volunteers – because we believe that the self-discipline required to train for a difficult cross country-race and the sense of community service demonstrated by volunteering are virtues that can be transferred to other aspects of life.

The Scholarship Committee of the Dipsea Race Foundation awards scholarships based on a variety of criteria, including the applicant’s financial need, performance of community service, academic and athletic performance, Dipsea Race involvement as a race participant or volunteer, and the sincerity and quality of the personal essay.  The Committee encourages well-rounded individuals and seeks to support their continued development.

The Scholarship Committee reviews scholarship applications and reports back to the Board of Directors of the Dipsea Race Foundation.  The members of the Committee include Tim Fitzpatrick, Jason Cheng, Liebe Patterson, and Chuck Miller, who chairs the Scholarship Committee and also is a member of the Board of the Dipsea Race Foundation.

Additional Information:

Past Scholarship Winners

1997 Grad Hansen, Nicole Calmels
1998 Matt Cover
1999 Adam Greenfield, Bonnie Hanks
2000 Brian Larson
2001 Chris Johnson, Eva Gut
2002 Margaux Joffe
2003 Cameron Lochte, Nicole Fish
2004 Elizabeth Gill, Simone Oppen
2005 Lucy Gibbs, Grace Hunter, Robert Kuslits
2006 Al;ie Lomax, John McGrath, Ian Randolph, Drew Thayer, Briana Van Epps
2007 Gabrielle Joffe, Ford Nickels
2008 Cody Chapman, Samantha Create
2009 Marks Barry, Reed Thayer
2010 Reed Bunnell, Vincent Fausone, Spencer Hall, Jamie Kent, Max Perrey, Lily Spitz
2011 Hannah Berman, William Cooney, Daniel Milechman, Rachel Skokowski,
Benjamin Vogensen
2012 Nicole Amyx, Hannah Berman, Samantha Emory, Jack Fausone, Olivia Lloyd
2013 John Lawson, Summer Lawson, Jax Reiff, Liam Vlaming
2014 Bella Levaggi, Madelynn Perry, Mae Plunkett, Heather Stickle
2015 Francis Gerraty, Isabella Amyx, Adam Harwood, Sarah Seltzer, Meghan Tanel
2016 Juan Martinez, Gabriel Carmel, Brock Albee, Aiden Linscott, Rachel Bordes
2017 Joseph B. Biehl, Zoe Hebermann, Annika Levaggi, Sage Mace, Elizabeth Labeeuw-Anderson